Muat Turun King Of Fighter XIII

King of fighters XIII
Release: 6-2011
Genre: Fighting | Developer: SNK Playmore
Language: English | PC game
Size: 1.54 GB | FS+FSN+WU

General: King of Fighters XIII will improve upon the KOF XII engine, using the Taito Type X2 arcade board like it's predecessor. There are nine returning KOF veterans in this installment, including: King, Mai, Yuri, Takuma, Vice, Maxima, Hwa Jai, Kula, and K'... making for a total of 31 characters (and they will be grouped into teams this time)! There will also be a much greater selection of character colors (10 per character) along with some ultra cool sprite edits & "head swaps" for certain characters. Five brand new hand-drawn stages will also be added, with older stages receiving visual updates as well.
run 'loader.bat'

To edit controls
run 'typex_config.exe'

Alt+Enter for Fullscreen/Windoed
2/3 for coin
1 for start
F10 for pause
7 for system menu
To change ingame dialogue to ENG open system menu>configuration>system settings>language ENGLISH

Hold S and press Start on title screen for training mode.

Enjoy, aku baru abes download semalam, sambil usha2 pasal kes anonymous. Enough la pasal anon tu .. aku dah jemu dengar, Sekarang nak main game King Of Fighter XIII ni pulak..Graphic dia dah update.. gempak giler grafik dia.. (boleh tahan la)..

tapi take note*

Link Fileserve untuk part3.. miss.. jadi korang kena download yang part3 dari filesonic..

dan sori, sebab takder Mediafire link..sebab aku tak pakai mediafire. kadang2 je pakai.dan credit kepada original uploader.

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